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Welcome to 
Westhampton Yacht Squadron


The story of the Westhampton Yacht Squadron, since it’s founding in 1890, is of people dedicated to sailing and of families passing their enthusiasm as well as their boats from generation to generation.

It is the story of youngsters who learn the sport of sailing, swimming and tennis. Many go on to win honors in local and national competition. It is a wonderful and unique spirit, one of camaraderie and giving.

We also offer a welcome and safe haven to yachtsmen and yachtswomen who visit our bay. We are located on the beautiful Moriches Bay in Remsenburg, NY. Our members and guests enjoy the scenic view of the bay from our well stocked bar and dining facilities. It is rich in history which we proudly pass on to the new generation of sailors.

New Members

Click on the Member Application tab for more information and to access the WYS New Membership Application. 

Commodore's Corner 

Dear Fellow Members:
Happy Spring!  I hope you and your families are well and enjoying the warmer weather!~

We have a great year planned at the club, and look forward to some of the wonderful events coming up, including our Spring Holiday Events, Spring Clean-up, Sailing Races, Flag Raising, Annual Fundraiser, and more!  It's nice to see that a lot of members have been joining us for our Trivia Nights, Cooking Classes, Book Club and Friday Night Dinners the last few months. We are also excited for the completion and opening of the Andon Graham Sailing Center!

Our Lessons Registrations for summer sailing, swimming and tennis are open, for both children and adults, so please click on the Lessons Descriptions, Registration and Adult Sailing tabs.  There is a schedule of junior sailing, swimming, swim team and tennis this year on the bottom of the Lessons Descriptions tab under "All Lessons Schedule 2023" that will be helpful in planning lessons. 

Please check the club calendar for the dates and times of all of our happenings at the club, and keep an eye out for our weekly emails. You can also access the menus for our Friday Night Dinners a month in advance on the Friday Dinner Menu tab.   

We will be updating our Log Book for 2023, so please make sure you contact the club office as soon as possible to make any changes or updates to your listing before it gets printed. 

We have some wonderful new merchandise in the Ship's Store including a new selection of baseball caps, some with UV protection, bags,
polo shirts and tee shirts.  There are some great gifts for birthdays, Mothers Day and Father's Day!   Stop by the store and browse around!  

Thank you for your membership and support, and for being a part of our WYS family. 


Sundy Schermeyer 
55th Commodore
Westhampton Yacht Squadron

Flag Officers:

Commodore: Sundy Schermeyer                        
Vice Commodore:  Dave Hale               
Rear Commodore:  James Schultz          
Treasurer:  Michael Strebel                               
Secretary:  Peggy Jayne   

Board of Directors:
Timothy Feil
Matson Hard
Jim Hulme
Dave Kisla
Julie Pomroy
Cynthia Roney
Russel Skeris
Kristen Smyth 
Aram Terchunian
Jennifer Truscott
Board Participants:                                                                                                                                         
Nancy Schultz
John Sheehan
Ed Surgan


Club Office Hours

Summer Office Hours:
June 17 to Sept. 11, 2023
Monday through Friday
8:30am to 4:30pm
Off-Season Office Hours: 

January 2 to June 16, 2023
And September 12 to December 22, 2023
Monday through Friday
8:30am to 3:30pm
All other times can be 
made by appointment by calling
or email at

Club Staff

Manager:  Dot Capuano
 Assistant Manager: Jacki McCann
Head Chef:  Bill Miller
Head Swim Instructor:  Matt McCarthy
Head Tennis Instructor:  Kayla Sakayan

Ship's Store Hours

Off Season:  January 2 to June 16, 2023
And September 12 to December 22, 2023
Monday through Friday
9:00am to 3:00pm
SummerJune 17 to September 11, 2023
Monday through Friday
9:00am to 4:00pm
All other times can be 
made by appointment by calling
or email at

Friday Night Dinner Menus:

Please click on the Friday Night Dinner Menu Tab for a list of the current months weekly dinner menus

Please reserve your dinner before noon on the
Tuesday before the Friday Night Dinner

Adults: $35   Children 12 and under $20
(unless otherwise noted on the menu)

Buffet Dinner and Bar Opens at 6pm

Take out dinners can be picked up between 5pm and 6pm

Please email your reservation at
or call the club office at 631-325-8321

Upcoming Events

Please log in to check the club calendar
for upcoming events.
Also check your email for details
of all scheduled events!

Scholarship Fund
Please see our Scholarship Fund application for more information under the Scholarship Application tab.